Futricio ONE

A complete meal in a shake

You need a complete meal shake because sometimes you...

  • just don't feel like spending time in your kitchen preparing something healthy
  • are in a crazy hurry longing for a decent meal
  • are travelling and you didn't bring your mobile kitchen with fresh veggies
  • are heading off to the gym preparing yourself for an intense workout
  • just love Futricio Meal Shakes

You can use the meal shakes in your diet as...

  • replacement of one or more of your daily meals
  • an easy digestible power meal to prepare for heavy or long workout
  • an easy and transparant way of keeping track of what you are eating
  • Tip: a lot of our customers start using our shakes as the ideal breakfast to start their days

You can choose from..

five different flavours: vanilla, banana, forest fruits, strawberry and chocolate. We are sure that you can always find one that suits your taste. It comes in two different versions, Futricio ONE for Men and Futricio ONE for Women. The difference is that each version is tailored to meet the needs of either the average male or female (adult).


Futricio ONE ® is prepared with soy, maltodextrin, gluten-free oatmeal, whey protein, flaxseed, salt, vitamin mix and natural fruit aromas.

All the facts

for Men for Women
Package weight 175 grams 170 grams
Energy per package / meal 700 kCal 680 kCal
Carbohydrates 84 grams 81 grams
Protein 46 grams 44 grams

Nutritional value / 100g
Energy (kCal)  400.00
Carbohydrates (g)  48.82
Of which sugars (g)  3.97
Protein (g)  26.26
Total fats (g)  15.06
Saturated fats (g)  2.19
Monounsaturated fats (g) 3.14
Polyunsaturated fats (g)  5.24
Omega-3 fatty acids (g)  1.53
Omega-6 fatty acids (g)  2.96
Total fibers (g) 2.90
Soluble fibers (g)  1.20
Insoluble fibers (g)  1.70
Cholesterol (g)  0.00
Vitamins  / 100g
Vitamin A (IU)  571.43
Vitamin B6 (mg)  0.29
Vitamin B12 (ug)  0.47
Vitamin C (mg)  28.76
Vitamin D (IU)  228.57
Vitamin E (IU)  6.47
Vitamin K (ug)  62.67
Thiamin (mg)  369.33
Riboflavin (mg)  0.30
Niacin (mg) 3.25
Folate (ug)  88.00
Panthotenic acid (mg)  0.47
Biotin (ug)  9.53
Choline (mg)  196.57
Minerals  / 100g
Calcium (g)  0.20
Chloride (g)  0.53
Chromium (ug) 16.76
Copper (mg)  0.42
Iodine (ug) 48.58
Iron (mg) 3.66
Magnesium (mg)  93.75
Manganese (mg)  1.51
Molybdenum (ug)  46.67
Phosphorus (g) 0.13
Potassium (g)  0.76
Selenium (ug) 11.81
Sodium (g)  0.35
Sulfur (g)  0.43
Zinc (mg)  3.96


All Futricio products have been engineered and produced with the greatest care. Even so, your body may have different needs. If you have doubts, we recommend seeking advice from your doctor or dietitian.

Futricio Premium WHEY

More than 80 gram protein per 100g

All the facts

You can view all details, including the amino acid profile, in the certificate of analysis
Nutritional value / 100g
Energy (kCal)  385
Carbohydrates (g)  6.6
Of which sugars (g)  2.3
Protein (g)  80.1
Total fats (g)  5.4
Saturated fats (g)  1.9
Salt (g)  0.44


All Futricio products have been engineered and produced with the greatest care. Even so, your body may have different needs. If you have doubts, we recommend seeking advice from your doctor or dietitian.

This is why you need protein

Proteins are the body’s building blocks. They’re essential for muscle repair and growth, but also take care of your hair, skin, nails and other tissues. So it’s important to make sure you get enough of them, especially when maintaining an active lifestyle.

Protein contains nine amino acids that can not be synthesized by the body and that are not found in other types of nutrition. These essential amino acids are needed by the central nervous system, the digestive system, the kidneys and the immune system for regular function. They are also particularly important in muscle glucose and protein synthesis and for the regulation of cognitive function, mood and body nitrogen levels.

You can use whey shakes in your diet

  • as an in between during your busy day
  • as a recovery shake to nurish your muscles after work out
  • as a sensible dietary snack

You can choose from

the flavours vanilla, banana, forest fruits, strawberry, chocolate and unflavoured. We are sure that you can always find one that suits your taste.

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Highly reccomend this is one of best food replacement



Quite nice indeed

First tried out SoulentLife (old name) last summer as I was working longish hours and finding no time to cook(/too lazy) while I wanted to do sports as well. So this product was kind of perfect to me. I have done 1 day (~200km) cycling tours while only eating/drinking this and its does the job. But doing something more explosive (kickboxing etc.) I feel bit under-powered. This happens when I'm trying to push the absolution maximum. Not 100% sure did I eat enough or is it just how the product is (ate about 5 bags a day and didn't feel hungry). Otherwise very nice product and the taste is actually pretty good.



Goede shakes, vullen goed

Ik was in het begin een beetje sceptisch, maar na de eerste keer was dit al weg. Had nooit verwacht dat ik zo'n vol gevoel zou hebben na deze shake. Goed om de dag mee te beginnen (ik pak dan wel een halve zak) of gewoon lekker als je geen zin hebt om te koken.




Sigo confiando en vosotros, pero debéis dejar elegir la cantidad,3, 7, 12 18.....etc.(no solo los tres bloques que tenéis ahora), y de esas cantidades sus sabores correspondientes (puedo querer 11 de frutas del bosque y cuatro de vainilla, por ejemplo). Daros a conocer más, estar en español, destroza a la competencia, amen de la calidad. Gracias.



Hello, future

Futricio is incredibly convenient and works remarkably well at both satiating my hunger and helping me gain weight if I need to. Simple to make, pleasant to consume, virtually no clean up - what else do you need in a meal?



Incredibly tasty and easy to digest.

I like how the flavors in these shakes actually taste like the fruits they represent. The result is a shake that is a lot like an actual milkshake. Best of all is that even if the flavors are well defined, they still don't bore me. The balance of fiber and macronutrients make this shake easy to digest without the inconvenient side effects that a lot of other shakes have. I also love how Futricio is still one of the most affordable shakes with this quality.




-Recepción del producto en fecha, excelentente entrega y bien ordenado. -Gracias por el vaso para prepararlo, en ningún sitio poneis que es gratis o que se envia. - página clara y sencilla, Y EN ESPAÑOL!!! -en los pedidos combinados deberiais dejar elegir que sabores se quieren pedir. -de mejor a peor: frutas del bosque, platano, vaililla, fresa y chocolate. ¿se puede preparar la mitad para tomarlo en dos veces? GRACIAS Y SEGUIR MEJORANDO ;)



Tried it, loved it!

I ordered a 5 meal package to test the product and each flavour. I liked them all, although I must say the chocolate one could really be improved. I didn't know what to expect from it and I must say I liked the texture and the whole experience. I will order more. Thank you Futricio!



¡Producto de calidad, un precio aún mejor!

¡Hola Futricio! Primero de todo hablaré de la página web en sí, en mi opinión es una página web que a simple vista se ve limpia y fácil de encontrar la información, los conceptos de los productos son claros y las explicaciones son concisas. Respecto al envío, en mi caso fue muy eficiente: llego pronto y en perfectas condiciones. Muy contenta con el shipping. Si tengo que hablar de mi experiencia con los productos me siento aún más satisfecha, visto que en el “tema de batidos” soy nueva y me sorprendió lo agradable que fue para mí beber tanto los batidos nutricionales como los de premium proteína. ¡Ambos productos tienen un gran sabor! Especialmente el batido de proteína (whey) me sienta muy bien después de realizar deporte para recuperar mis músculos. El batido de whey es más líquido que el batido nutricional pero es totalmente normal ya que el batido nutricional contiene todos los ingredientes necesarios para sustituir una comida, entonces es más espeso, lleno de vitaminas y fibras. El sabor de los batidos nutrionales también es muy agradable. De hecho, creo que cada vez que le doy un sorbo me gusta más y más. Me siento encantada con la compra que realicé, ¡definitivamente volveré a comprar! Y recomiendo a cualquier persona que tenga poco tiempo debido a trabajo u otro tipo de tareas (o sea deportista) que utilice este tipo de productos. ¡Gracias Futricio por ahorrarme tiempo y mantener mi energía en el cuerpo!



Quick, easy and efficient

Dear Futricio, Ever since you called yourself SoylentLife, I've been a fan. Due to a hectic life running around from job to class and from friends to family my eating habits haven't been completely sensible at times. However last year all that caught up to me, I ended op with anemia. So as most doctors do, I was perscribed a variety of pills to boost the building blocks of life. It was at that time, when I was staring at the handfull of pills I had to take with breakfast I decided to try your product. I can only say it worked miracles for me. Now starting of each day with a soylent shake and I know I have at least 1/3 of the necesarry vitamins and minerals in my system. The hetic days when I have no time to cook I just gulp down another shake for dinner. Even one shake a day can make a difference. And I love how you keep improving the simple things. I totally enjoy the one-meal a package deal, better than the daily packages. Now I keep one pack in my bag with me so when I really need a boost, I can just whip up a shake at the office (Allthough it does remain a little lumpy when not using the shaker). So keep going and I'll keep ordering. Best Regards, RH


Baer Lamberts

Excellent product

Hi Futricio, normally I don't really take time to write reviews, but I make an exception here. I wanted to try something new since other shakes I tried before didn't work for me. But these shakes are excellent. It started already very smooth with ordering and delivery. And the shakes themselves are tasty, easy to make and I just feel good after drinking them! And to know that everything I need on a day is in it, it's great! Not a shake to lose weight, but to have a quick healthy meal that's what I was looking for for a long time. I already recommended it to some friends of mine. Can't wait to see more products in the future!



Great Service, good product

Looking for a complete meal so we can work just some extra hours without the pizza options, this is e great alternative! Much healthier and easy to make.



Perfect solution

The taste of the product is good and it is a good meal replacement, especially when you don't have a lot of time and still want to eat what you need.



happy with it!

I really like this product. I use it for breakfast and to get through the morning! The taste is good. Easy to use.



Thanks Futricio

Thanks Futricio I will order again.



Easy and tasteful meal replacement (especially banana & strawberry)

For me Futricio ONE is an ideal meal replacement whenever I am in hurry. It is easy to prepare and a healthy and tasteful alternative for an otherwise unhealthy snack or meal. I liked the banana and strawberry taste the most.



Cookie jar

For my first order at Futricio I didn't really know what to except. After having tasted the product I was hooked, although the taste of the chocolate shake could be improved. I submitted my remarks to customer service and it was handled top notch. Looking forward to the new improved taste. Will definitely order again.



Loved the banana, chocolate could be improved

I tried a variation pack and loved the banana taste. I don't care much for fruity flavours myself, but I guess they were fine. The chocolate could be improved though, it didn't taste like real chocolate.



Even 'slow eaters' can eat quickly

I am a fairly active cyclist, covering between 300 and 700KM per week, so good nutrition is absolutely essential to me. I am also an extremely slow eater and so continuously eat throughout the day to keep on top of my calorie intake (it could easily take me over an hour to eat a bowl of instant noodles). Several months ago I came across a video on youtube which was reviewing a "meal replacement drink" which was designed to provide a person's daily nutritional needs in a quick and easy formula. I was intrigued. The next week or so was spent on finding reviews on this type of product and when I finally decided to order some I ended up choosing soylent (futricio) and without knowing which flavour would appeal most, I opted for the multi-flavour pack. I am not very good at describing the individual flavours, however vanilla tastes a little bit like melted ice cream. None of the flavours are overpowering but rather subtle and easily digestible. I have since ordered several packages of soylent which always arrive fairly quickly to the UK (in fact the last two packages have arrived within a few days). I personally use soylent as follows. If I am in a rush in the morning before work I will make my shake and leave it in the fridge whilst i get ready. I can then eat/drink a rich breakfast in a few minutes rather than a 40 minute bowl of porridge. I often add a small scoop of protein powder too. Lunch times are quite short, however I only tend to have soylent maybe once or twice a week at most for lunch, however i may make myself a weak version for mid morning. Of an evening after my cycle commute i always have a protein shake and add a scoop of soylent to the mix and very rarely have tired aching muscles the following day. I have found through experience that if soylent is made with milk, then the taste is creamier than with water alone, however it does give you eye-watering flatulence. I know create my meals by adding a little water, then the soylent and then top up with soya milk to about 75% volume, then I shake (the bottle, not myself) and then top up with either water or soya milk (you could say that i am making soysoylent). Leaving it for 5 minutes allows it to slightly thicken and of course you can edit extras to it such as fruit, cacao powder, seeds or anything small. In the future I would like to see soylent icepops (the thin flavoured ices that are bought in liquid form and frozen at home for a quick and cooling summertime refreshment) - a lot more nutritional than the usual sugary drink. Maybe more flavours will be in the pipeline in future too as I feel that savoury flavours could prove popular. All in all though, I will personally continue purchasing this and recommend that you try it too. The packs tend to have a sealed shelf life of around a year, so need to consume it all at once. If you are an active person such as a cyclist, then the new pack sizes will easily fit in to a pocket and for most UK / European cyclists this will actually save you a lot of money on the ubiquitous mid cycle cafe stop ( I completed a coast to coast bike ride across the uk with 3 single meal bags of soylent and some bananas in my pockets in just over 11 hours). I think that soylent should make contact with some of the world tour cycling teams such as Sky or Tinkoff Saxo because if their teams can keep up their carb intake during a grand tour such as the tour de france of giro d'italia in a legal and healthy way via a drink (rather than a sugary energy gel) then you are on to a winner. Thank you for your time and .... I have consumed a full meal of soylent whilst creating this review.

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Here's what you need

  • A bag of Futricio in the flavour of your choice
  • A shaker with sieve or mixing ball
  • Preferably cold fresh water
  • A cup or a glass, if you prefer not drinking out of the shaker

Watch the video

Our shakes are designed to be complete meal replacements not weight loss shakes. However, due to the transparancy of the nutritive value, the shakes are very suitable to keep track of what you are eating. If your intentions are to lose weight by adding our shakes to your diet we strongly advise you to consult a registered dietician or a doctor.


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