About us

About us

What is important to us!

We have a passion for healthy ingredients. We are very passionate about healthy food and wholesome ingredients. We do not compromise on quality! When we believe in a product, we choose 100% quality and taste. We only develop products that we dare to give our children unrestrained.

How it once started….

When I decided in 1999 to quit my job and start my own company, I had only one dream: developing a healthy and unique drink. My first step was a research trip to South America. After traveling for 6 weeks in the Amazon forest of Brazil, I knew which fruits and plant extracts I needed. Back in the Netherlands, the search really began. I had gathered a huge amount of information and knowledge of fruit and plant extracts. But how to combine all of this in one drink, who is going to do this, how will the product taste, how do I guarantee taste and quality, and moreover, how do I know if the claim I would like to make really works? Nine months and hundreds of tests and taste trials later I finished my recipe. I invested all of my savings in the first trial production. The money was gone and I did not have anything left for marketing or advertising. Neither did I want to bind myself to a (bank) loan from third parties. After all, I had decided to start doing business independently and I wanted to keep it that way. I wanted to be able to decide everything myself without being slowed down by someone. So then it really started………

As a small entrepreneur I still had nothing to say in the big food market, but of course I was the best ambassador of my own product. With a small and old Subaru van I went from city to city telling everybody passionately about my unique brew. A delicious, fruity and 100% natural product full of red fruit with the taste of wild Amazon fruits in combination with unique plant extracts: nutritious, healthy and energy-increasing. I was convinced that my sales success would lay in direct contact with consumers and I did not want to hide behind expensive marketing and advertising campaigns. I hit the road, from early in the morning until late at night, looking for new ambassadors. Ordinary people behind the bar of a café, gym or beauty centre. These ambassadors turned out to be worth 100 times more than an expensive advertisement in a newspaper or magazine. They were in the position to spread my story and to recruit customers.

Almost 20 years have passed since....

Almost 20 years have passed since and we gained a wealth of expertise and experience and built a strong position in the functional food market with a number of brands. We are just as creative and passionate as we were on the first day. We keep doing business, we still don’t spend money foolishly and we keep doing good things.

We have experienced a healthy growth which is special since it was not realized in a huge growth market, but in small niche markets. There, we feel at home and with our specific knowledge and skills we can really make a difference. We try to contribute as much as possible to innovative products and to connect with people with a “healthy and conscious lifestyle”. We only develop products that are good for your body, in order to make you feel fit and vital. We do not follow the mass crowd, but we are running ahead of the crowd.

And then Futricio caught our eye

With that vision and goal in mind, Futricio caught our eye. Futricio “the complete meal shake” is the future of food! The philosophy is simple: eat everything the body needs without excess amounts of sugars, saturated fats, spend less time preparing your food and save money as well. All of that in just one powdered shake. The basis for this complete meal shake is: oat meal, non-GMO soy meal, flaxseed powder, a well-balanced vitamin mix, and a dozen more tiny but vital ingredients. Futricio was launched in 2014 by a befriended entrepreneur (Lucien Bongers) and it turned out to be a success. Customers from all over Europe liked Futricio and became returning customers after their stock ran out. In 2017, we took over this great brand and we provided Futricio with a new look and feel and developed Futricio Vegan shakes. Today we are still working together with Lucien and we are still creating awesome, delicious, nutritious shakes for you to enjoy.


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