Futricio Test the Taste - Test Pack (2 x 4 flavours)

Futricio Test the Taste - Test Pack (2 x 4 flavours)

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Try now: test all 4 delicious complete meal shakes. You get the opportunity to try all flavours in portion pack for a nice price!

Contains: 8 shakes in 4 flavours.


Test the taste

This test package contains:

  • 2x Futricio Meal Pack (175g) - Lemon
  • 2x Futricio Meal Pack (175g) - Vanilla
  • 2x Futricio Meal Pack (175g) - Banana
  • 2x Futricio Meal Pack (175g) - Strawberry

Futricio ONE

Futricio ONE ® is a powdered complete meal replacement that contains all the nutrients you need on a daily basis. It is based on decades of research performed by NASA and comes conveniently packaged in single bags per meal. You only need water and a shaker or cup to prepare it.

  • Save time - you will be eating in less than a minute
  • Balanced food - get everything you need without the hassle
  • Anywhere, any time - with a Futricio meal at your disposal you will never be hungry again
  • Sensible choice, feel better - don't eat junkfood, fuel your body with good nutrition and feel better

Complete meal shake

Futricio is a delicious complete meal shake for any moment of the day. Futricio provides all necessary nutrients, such as energy and building materials, vitamins and minerals. Sufficient carbohydrates are important for energy management and proteins are important for building and maintaining muscle tissue. Healthy fatty acids, vitamins and minerals are essential for several processes in your body and the proper functioning of muscles and the brain.

With Futricio you are assured of all your essential nutrients! Especially if you have little time, Futricio is a very healthy and easy alternative, preventing you from eating unhealthy snacks and fast food. Futricio is ideal to help you coach the quality and quantity of calories. It saturates well and inhibits a hunger feeling without eating too much.

Daily use

The shake is easy to take with you and easy to prepare wherever you are. Mix one portion of Futricio with cold water to prepare a delicious and nutritious meal.

All Futricio recipes correspond to an optimal nutritional value and composition.

More Information

For ingredients we refer you to the individual shakes.


For allergens we refer you to the individual shakes.

Nutritional value

For nutritional values we refer you to the individual shakes.

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