1. Futricio ONE - For a glorious day!

    glorious day

    A good breakfast is the kick start for an energetic day. Futricio One is a complete breakfast shake. Easily digestible so that your body can start up quickly and well. It is just the right combination of oats with whey proteins, omega-3 fatty acids and at least 30% of all essential vitamins and minerals. Have a glorious day!

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  2. glorious day

    Futricio is an ideal breakfast shake that guarantees the intake of all essential nutrients and energy. Rich in Omega 3, an essential fatty acid, and of great importance for a strong and fit body. Futricio contributes to the health of heart and blood vessels, strengthens the immune system and supports the proper functioning of your brain.

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  3. Futricio Test Pack

    New in our assortment: Futricio Test the Taste! You can test all 6 delicious complete meal shakes with this new test pack. Take that opportunity and try all 6 flavours in portion pack for a nice price!

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  4. Futricio Feedback

    Futricio Research

    In the past weeks we have approached our customers to participate in our Futricio consumer research. We would like to thank everyone of you who helped us with our research!

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  5. Brand new Recipes

    Made in holland sustainable

    We are passionate about food. Therefor we challenge ourselves to improve our products and to make them as tasty and healthy as possible. We want to exceed mediocrity and be the number ONE meal shake.

    But ... not at all costs! We take environmental responsibility by

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  6. New taste: Fresh Lemon

    futricio meal shake lemon

    In the process of product development we took the chance to test new natural flavours. Our main goal was to create a great taste. Of course we focused on the already existing favourites Vanilla, Strawberry and Banana. In addition, we introduce a new flavour Fresh Lemon. Enjoy!!

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  7. Futricio ONE – Green & Blue

    futricio one green and blue

    The idea of the new look is to position different products within one design.
    The new Futricio ONE (non-vegan) recipes will get a new “jacket” so they will blend in perfectly. From now on Futricio ONE is available in 2 different lines:
    The green vegan line and the blue non-vegan line.

    Take a look at our web shop to get into the Futricio mood.

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  8. We like Sustainability

    futricio-shaker-and bag-sustainability

    We love food and our mission is to support a healthy lifestyle by developing healthy food. With Futricio ONE we deliver an ideal and quick solution for preparing a healthy and complete meal. Nevertheless, Futricio is more than just a composition of healthy food ingredients. We also care about the future of wild life in our oceans. Today, our oceans are called “plastic soup”, because of the incredibly high doses of plastic material in our international waters. Research has shown that a reduction of plastic packaging and accessories will have a huge impact on our environment and wild life. We feel the urge to do our bit by using and promoting environmental friendly packaging. That is why we moved from plastic packaging to paper bags and from plastic shakers to metal shakers.
    So… feel free to join our mission and taste the future of food.

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  9. Leon Geeraets FutricioRunning a marathon through the Sahara with Futricio

    The Marathon des Sables is one of the heaviest extreme runs in the world. This hellish marathon of 250 kilometers long is a seven-day trip through the Sahara in the south of Morocco.

    Leon Geeraets from Venlo is one of the participants who takes up the challenge. For the entire marathon, he will have to bring not only his own equipment, but also sufficient food to complete the whole run. The organization provides water and a tent.

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  10. New Look & Feel

    New look and feel

    We are very pleased to announce that our creative team has designed a totally new look and feel for the brand. The renewed design is modern and it is a closer representation of what Futricio is today. The new design fits our ambition to position different products within one design. We are very happy with it, hope you like it too. Take a look at our new webshop to get into the Futricio mood. Go to shop>>

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