Monthly Archives: January 2018

  1. New Look & Feel

    New look and feel

    We are very pleased to announce that our creative team has designed a totally new look and feel for the brand. The renewed design is modern and it is a closer representation of what Futricio is today. The new design fits our ambition to position different products within one design. We are very happy with it, hope you like it too. Take a look at our new webshop to get into the Futricio mood. Go to shop>>

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  2. Futricio goes Vegan


    We love food and our mission is to support a healthy lifestyle by developing healthy food. With Futricio we deliver an ideal and quick solution for preparing a healthy and complete meal. Nevertheless, Futricio is more than just a composition of healthy food ingredients. We believe in the future of food. Research has shown that a reduction of consumption of animal source foods will contribute to better health and has less impact on environment and animals.

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