Leon Geeraets FutricioRunning a marathon through the Sahara with Futricio

The Marathon des Sables is one of the heaviest extreme runs in the world. This hellish marathon of 250 kilometers long is a seven-day trip through the Sahara in the south of Morocco.

Leon Geeraets from Venlo is one of the participants who takes up the challenge. For the entire marathon, he will have to bring not only his own equipment, but also sufficient food to complete the whole run. The organization provides water and a tent.

Therefore, he will have to pack loads of food in his backpack. This nutrition is required to be easy to take along and cannot take much time and effort to prepare. Moreover, this food must offer sufficient energy and nutrients in order to bring this heavy marathon to a successful conclusion.

His backpack is packed with Futricio meal shakes. These can be easily and quickly prepared during such an expedition and they provide all essential nutrients (vitamins and minerals as well) that Leon needs. Futricio offers a complete meal in a portion pack! Besides, Futricio is tasty and available in different flavours. Futricio takes care of the energy and nutrients, the rest is up to Leon!

Leon, good luck!

Source: https://www.1limburg.nl/helse-uitdaging-atleet-loopt-snikhete-marathon-door-sahara