Futricio Vegan Meal Shakes

Have you tried all of Futricio's different meal shakes? Have you noticed that two of these flavours are "vegan"?

The vegan meal shakes differs from the other meal shakes because it only contains vegetable proteins, instead of animal proteins. Futricio Vegan does not contain any animal-source ingredients, which creates a complete meal shake suitable for vegans. Thus, the protein composition is different between both, but functionality, quality and taste of the vegan products are as good as the other Futricio Complete Meal Shakes.

We believe in the future of food!

Futricio with Blue label = complete meal shake with whey protein (milk protein from cow's milk)

Futricio with Green label = complete meal shake with pea protein (vegan)


Our Futricio Test the Taste - Test Pack contains all 6 flavours, including the vegan meal shakes. You can order the test pack here.