Futricio is the complete meal shake: 100% food, no added sugars. 3 servings Futricio provide the daily necessity for all essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fibers. In theory this means Futricio can replace all main meals, but we recommend a varied eating pattern and the frequent consumption of fresh fruit and fresh vegetables. We like Futricio best in a blend with 400 ml of ice cold water. But feel free to add more or less water or even warm water. Addition of (vegan) milk is also possible.

How to use

1 portion = 175 g Futricio + 400 ml cold water

When to use

Super Breakfast

A good breakfast is the kick start of an energetic day. It delivers the right amount and quality of carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats. Futricio is a complete meal and provides the body with all required energy and nutrition. Oats and maltodextrin deliver the carbohydrates needed and soy and peas supply the proteins that serve as building stones. Proteins also support good combustion. Futricio is high in fibers for good intestinal activity. Futricio is complete and saturates well.

Easy Lunch

A varied eating pattern is important and if you have the time and opportunity then a soup or salad is a very tasty and healthy lunch. But …. if you have little time Futricio is a healthy and easy alternative which will prevent you from eating unhealthy snacks and fast food. 1 portion of Futricio provides you with all required nutrients, including all vitamins, minerals and fibers.

On the road

When you are on the road Futricio is the easy and healthy alternative. It quickly provides you with new energy and all the nutrients you need to stay energized and alert for the rest of the day.

Irregular working hours

If you work irregularly, Futricio is the ideal meal coach. Always a healthy alternative to the unhealthy ready-to-eat meals.

When every minute counts

When every minute counts, it is important to plan your food and eating moments well. Good nutrition is essential because it provides your body with the right energy and focus to do your work well. Futricio provides a fast and easy meal with all nutrients, including all vitamins, minerals and fibers.

In between

A piece of fruit is healthy but has a limited saturation value, which causes you to get hungry again soon. A handful of unsalted and unbaked nuts is also healthy and saturates better. You can also take a ½ portion of Futricio as a healthy, easy and responsible snack.

A boost for your body

Futricio loads your body easily with new energy and power before training/exercise. It is also ideal as boost shake after long or heavy training/exercise to provide your body quickly with carbohydrates, proteins and electrolytes for optimal recovery.

Calorie Control

Futricio gives a comfortably saturated feeling. No hunger for at least 4 hours. Replacing a daily meal by a Futricio shake helps to control your calorie intake and to maintain weight.