Futricio ONE - The Complete Meal Replacement

Calorie control and weight loss

Futricio is ideal as meal replacement and fits perfectly in a calorierestricted diet. It is easy to control your calories with Futricio, because you can easily replace a meal with Futricio ONE. It supplies all essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals in a normal meal and still is limited in number of calories. This way you can easily coach your calorie intake. People who would quickly like to lose a few kg, we advise to replace 2 meals per day with 2 Futricio One shakes of 100 gr. To maintain your weight after weight loss, we advise to replace 1 meal per day with 100 gr Futricio One shake. 

Low in sugar and no hunger feeling

Futricio is a complete meal and helps you to restrict the number of calories in a meal, without creating any deficiencies. It contains little sugar and is high in protein and fibers, which ensures satiety and it prevents you from getting hungry again. It is easy and quickly to prepare and because it is liquid food it is easier to digest than solid food. Futricio creates a comfortable, satisfied feeling. It feels like you have not eaten too much and certainly not too little.

Lose weight easily without muscle breakdown

Futricio is high in proteins that contribute to a fit and strong body. In combination with vitamins and minerals, proteins support the many processes in the active body. Together with sufficient physical activity, proteins have a beneficial effect on fat combustion, maintenance of muscle mass and recovery of muscle fibers. Therefore, Futricio is the ideal meal for those who want to lose weight and still want to retain sufficient strength and energy to function properly.

How to use Futricio as diet in losing weight

If you want to lose weight with a calorie-restricted diet, you could replace your breakfast and/or meal with 100 grams of Futricio. It provides more than enough carbohydrates, proteins and fats and at least 30% of the recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals. Make sure you drink enough water (4-5 glasses per day). It is important to eat in a varied way and we advise you to consume fresh vegetables and fresh fruit regularly.

How to use

1 meal replacement = 175 g Futricio + 400 ml cold water