Futricio ONE - A Complete Sports Meal Shake

Maximize your energy(level)

Athletes need extra nutrients simply because they burn more energy and use more muscles. Good nutrition supports performance. Futricio ONE contains many complex carbohydrates from oats and maltodextrin with a low glycaemic index for long-term energy. It is important to properly supplement your stock of carbohydrates before exercising. One portion contains the optimal dose of 80 grams of carbohydrates. It maximizes your carbs.

Optimal carb load & ratio

Research shows that the carbohydrate intake from a product containing several types of carbohydrates (not only glucose) is better. Futricio contains oats and maltodextrin (from corn) for an optimal carb ratio. Maltodextrin is a glucose polymer; it provides you with glucose molecules, but with a slightly slower uptake than glucose. The energy released from maltodextrin thus yields energy longer and causes only a limited insulin peak.

Extra power & fast recovery

Futricio's additional vitamins, minerals and electrolytes support the many processes in the active body, from combustion to concentration. Futricio also contains a unique protein mix with a full amino acid profile. Proteins contribute to the maintenance of muscle mass and the recovery of the muscle fibres. Therefore, Futricio is an ideal meal for active people. It is well-dosed, easy and quick to prepare and because it is liquid it is easier to digest than solid food. Futricio provides you with a comfortably saturated feeling. It feels like you have not eaten too much and certainly not too little.

Meal or snack

Use Futricio as your favourite breakfast and/or lunch to optimize the supply of all essential nutrients and energy. You can take ½ portion of Futricio 30-60 minutes before sports to maximize your energy levels. You can also use Futricio as a recovery shake to fuel your body with fresh proteins and carbs for fast recovery of body and muscles.

Sports & Diet

Athletes who want to lose a few kg of weight in the beginning of the season, we recommend 2 x 100 gr of Futricio daily as a replacement of your breakfast/lunch or dinner. It helps in weight loss and muscle retention. Replacing one meal of an energy-restricted diet by a meal replacement product helps to maintain weight after weight loss. Futricio is the ideal meal to control your weight after a period of “Sportvasten”.

How to use

1 sports meal = 175 g Futricio + 400 ml cold water